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Garage Door Repair Bellevue does not only care about your garage doors; we also place the safety and security of your family and property at utmost priority. That is the more reason we offer free safety tips to our customers in case they are hooked up by their garage doors. Make sure to keep your garage doors in good working condition today!!! Trust Garage Door Repair Bellevue with your garage doors today and you will never regret doing so.
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Broken Spring?

Oh no! Is your garage door spring broke? —what do you do? If you are in the Bellevue area, you can call us at Garage Door Repair Bellevue. We are here to help you with any problem—large or small. At Garage Door Repair Bellevue, our technicians are specialized in repairing any type of residential garage doors and openers.
As a locally owned business serving the Bellevue area, we have a focus on your garage door needs. We pride ourselves on customer service and understand that every customer has different needs.
From the doors, themselves to the accessories and the mechanical components, we don’t use anything we wouldn't be proud to use on our own Garage Doors.
At Garage Door Repair Bellevue, we never make you choose between quality, value and good service we offer the total package. Whether you need garage door installation or repair, you can give us a call at
Garage Door Repair Bellevue

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Are you having challenges with your Garage Doors? Is your Garage Door Opener giving you a tough time? Do you feel frustrated because of Broken Garage Door Springs? Have your Garage Door rollers, cable, sensor, hinges and weather seals went bad? Worry no more because Bellevue Garage Door Repairs can repair all your Garage door today.
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Garage Door Spring Repair / Replacement

There is no single component of your garage door that is more important to the raising and lowering of your Garage Doors in Bellevue. This is exactly what your Garage Door Spring does. It enables the easy opening the closing of your Garage door by neutralizing the total weight of your door.
Generally, In Bellevue, there are two types of Garage Door Spring. At Garage Door Repair Bellevue we have the Torsion spring for big and heavy garage doors and the Extension Spring mainly for single car garage doors. However, whichever type of garage door that you wish to install or repair. Hiring a professional from Bellevue Garage Door Repair is imperative. This is critical considering the crucial role played by garage door springs.
Remember, your garage door spring must be in a good operational state 24hrs. This can be achieved by regular and meticulous maintenance. Do not wait for it to break before repairing or replacing it because it can pose a serious accident. Also, don’t try fixing your garage door spring by yourself if you are not an expert, it is extremely dangerous and can lead to a serious injury. Hire a trained and skilled technician from Garage Door Repair Bellevue
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Garage Door Opener Repair / Replacement

Your Garage Door Opener
is a motorized device responsible for the opening and closing of your garage door. It can be operated manually or from a distance with the help of switches and remote control. It is also worth knowing that garage door openers are precision components that can significantly influence the operations of your garage door. Therefore, it should not be neglected rather properly taken care of my experts in Garage door repair Bellevue.
As a homeowner, when getting a garage door opener, it is important to consider the drive type and the horsepower output of the motor. For the drive type, we have the belt drive, chain drive, and the screw drive. Always opt for the drive type that suits your garage door and Bellevue Garage Door Repair can help you do that.
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Garage Door Repair Bellevue

When you think of Experts in Garage Door Repair… Remember Garage Door Repair Bellevue We are PROs in all types of Garage door repair services. Be it; Installation of new garage doors repair and replacement of broken garage door springs, panels and openers, fixing of remote and switches, repairing the garage door cables, garage door tune-up…name them.
At Garage Door Repair Bellevue we have well trained and skilled experts with many years of experience in the field of Garage door repair. They will ensure your garage door is in the best operational working condition and for a long time. Good enough, our technicians embrace the latest technological approach to solving your garage door problems for a fast, neat and SAME day service.
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As we approach winter, there is a gradual drop in temperature. This is a clear indication that summer and fall are over and winter is creeping in. How prepared are you for this winter? Is your garage door ready? Considering the importance of garage doors in our homes. It is paramount to think of how best to prepare your garage doors for this cold season of winter. When your garage doors are not properly and professionally winterized. The implications are that it allows icy cold air to flow inside your garage unimpeded freely, serves as an entrance for unwanted pests, insects, snow and freezing rain.

Winterizing your garage doors will enhance comfort while working in your garage and invariably help to protect your tools, vehicle and other properties. Seriously, in as much as it is important to insulate your garage all year round, it is more critical during winter. Properly apply the following steps below to winterize your garage doors perfectly.

Tips by Garage Door Repair Bellevue

 Insulate your garage door

For the best protection of your garage during winter, you need to insulate your garage door properly. In as much as your garage door is insulated and has seals around its edges. It is pertinent to run a check over them before winter swings into full action. This is important because insulations can degrade with time. So, you need to hire professional garage door repair company like “Garage Door Repair Bellevue” to enhance them

 Use of Garage Door Seals and Weather Stripping

Insulating your garage door against winter is a very good step. But, if you critically observe the door, you may notice gaps around the edges. It is normal but never a good condition for the winter season. With the presence of those gaps/cracks, cold air, ice, snow and rain can seep into the garage and cause great damage. The use of garage door seals and weather-stripping is pertinent in closing those gaps for efficient insulation. Materials mostly used for sealing are Vinyl and rubbers.

 Routine Maintenance and Lubrication

Before you ever think of insulating or sealing your garage doors especially before winter. You should carry out little maintenance and lubrication. The important of regular lubrication cannot be over-emphasized. All the moving metal parts of the garage doors must be lubricated. Without carrying out this regular lubrication. You are bound to face a serious problem in opening and closing your garage door during the winter season. Remember, always try and use lubricants specifically designed for garage doors and its component.

 Hire Professional Garage Door Repair Company.

In as much as winterizing a garage door can be do-it-yourself job. If you are too busy or rather does not want to mess up with things, you can hire experts from Garage Door Repair Bellevue to help you winterize your garage door.

At Garage Door Repair Bellevue, we have well-trained professionals to give you the best. We will use the best and quality materials and advanced tools to prepare your garage door for winter. What are you still waiting for? Call Garage Door Repair Bellevue today (425) 233-8833.

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